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Corporate Social Responsibility of V’Spirit Cruises in The Poor Countryside of Thanh Hoa Province

Anyone or any organization needs to be aware of the role and the responsibility in helping communities and protecting environment because we’re important parts of the society and we must contribute to build sustainable development of our society.

Recognizing the role and the responsibility to our society, V’Spirit Cruises organized a trip to a poor coastal area in Thanh Hoa in order to visit and present gifts to two extremely difficult families, participate in rubbish collection on Hai Tien beach on August 24th, 2013 to clean this area and raise awareness of environmental protection for the members of the delegation and urge individuals and organizations to join hands to protect the environment from simple actions.

This event with about 20 participants of V’Spirit Cruises is the one of the chain activities of V’Spirit to practice their responsibility to the community.

The program began in the morning of August 24th with the visit to two indigent families following to the guide of Mr. Cự Bài – a local man who knows circumstances of all families in detail of Đại Long hamlet, Hoằng Hóa suburban district, Thanh Hóa province. Mr. Cự Bài always try to help other people but he is not a rich man so he was very happy when he knew that we came there to charity. He’s then enthusiastic to lead us to visit poor families.

The first one that we visited was Lê Anh Bắc, a child at grade 7, who lives alone in a small old house of a gracious neighbor. He had to take care himself because his father died when he was born and he has only his mother alive but she had to move to very faraway places to earn money and send them to him for study. We can see his extraordinary energy in the first time we met, which is very hard to find in the same age children protected by their happy family.

Both he and his mother were named in the family record book but they did not have any piece of land to live on. Previously, they lived in the house of his grandparents, but they must to move out to live in a makeshift straw hut near by the village’s culvert when the life of the maternal family became more difficult. Day by day, Bắc and his mother live on picking centella leaf by the roadside and sold them at markets. The suffering of Bắc and his mother did not stop there, the old hut was more and more dilapidated which could not stay any longer, the village sewer where the hut of Bắc and his mother was built on was reconstructed because of the expansion demand village development and the money earned from selling centella leaf could not feed them anymore,… It seemed like their life got in impasse. Fortunately, there was a kind neighbor named Dương let them stay in a small old house where used to be stone-cutter’s workshop but it now no longer used by Mr. Duong’s family. The simple house has no furniture excepting a tiny light bulb which might not be enough bright for Bắc studying, a small bed put at the corner with several textbooks, some pots used to cook rice by himself and a few other small items. However, Bắc and his mother’s lives were never smooth because the little house on the bank of the pond was always flooded when it’s heavy rain and was threatened to unroof every time storms coming. In order to have enough money for Bắc’s tuition, Ms. Lê Thị Vui – mother of Bắc – has to moved to the South to find a job. Bắc and his mother rarely meets each other because of the long distance and they are very hard to contacts due to having no communications equipment like phones, internet,…

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