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Topic: happiness is considered very important in life. Why is it difficult to define? What factors are important in achieving happiness?

The definition of happiness is never easy and unique. Happiness is an abstract concept, which can be explained in variable meanings. I tend to define happiness in the following way.

First of all, happiness should be a performance of happy emotion, which can be achieved by several aspects’ satisfaction. The keynote is about gladness, joy, and so forth. Secondly, human beings’ entire life can be separated into several stages, in which, the standards of happiness might also be different. Happiness might be simply the biscuits and sweets to children whilst adults may consider high quality life be the pursue of happiness. In a deeper level, as some people are satisfied more easily than others, the comprehension of happiness may also lead to differentiation.

Among all the factors that are important in achieving happiness, I categorize them into psychological and material aspects. To some extent, not only do we live for ourselves, we do live for other people’s thoughts, views and comments. Nevertheless, the acquisition of others’ recognition may equal the achievement of happiness. Moreover, when we are surrounded by parents’ love, friends’ care or lovers’ concern, we may also feel like getting close to the essence of happiness.

The other key factor is material one. When we earn a substantial sum of money, we feel happy because the purpose of making a better living can be realized. At the same theory of above, the success of business or promotion of job opportunities can also enhance the feeling of happiness.

To be concluded, happiness consists of many parts, in terms of which, we need to focus on small details to acquire precious happiness.

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