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TOEFL listening discussions: How does Dr Beech characterize the assistantship?

With no doubt, the key step to independence in each country is its ability in providing basic needs. Basic necessities, known as food, shelter, education, and health care are landmarks that draw lines between poor and rich countries. Becoming independence in providing these necessities is fundamental for economic growth, technology advancement, and creating job opportunities in poor countries.

Being able to provide basic needs would mean spurring economic growth. A proven fact is that poor countries depend on other countries for food supply. It is said that about seventy-eight percent of food in the Africa is imported. Another fact that compounds the problem even more is food-importing countries are facing with a mounting burden of debt; therefore, should pay huge interest repayments for many years. An obvious outcome of this phenomenon is a regressed economy which leads to more poverty in these countries. Becoming self-sufficient in food production would partly contribute to economic growth and independence for them.

On the technological grounds, being independence in supplying food would give rise to other technological advancements in the country. An important point to keep in mind is that food production requires modern farming machines and industries of preserving and packaging the food. In other words, food self-sufficiency would lead to other technological progression in a country.

Hardly can one ignore the major role of self-sufficient food production in creating job opportunities. According to statistics, approximately fifty percent of young population in poor countries are unemployed and sixty percent of total population are living under the poverty line. One direct effect of basic needs self-sufficiency would be an increase in employment rate. The more crops are produced, the more farmers are needed. Also, there would be significant requirements for labors in order to construct factories, and later, many people can be employed to work in the factories. Moreover, independency in terms of education would mean low-income countries do not have to employ foreign engineers, as they have their own national ones. In other words, self-sufficiency would definitely cause a significant drop in unemployment rate.

All in all, there is no doubt that self-sufficiency in basic needs is beneficial to low-income countries, for it leads to economy growth, technology progression, and job opportunities. I hope to witness a world without poverty in the near future

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