Hi! It's Nina: What I find difficult in English is that I can't speak it like...

hi everybody it’s nina
hi Mr Torsten I hope I won’t repeat the mistakes I made last time I’m not fluent in typing :oops: but I’m realy fluent in spoken English :lol: what I find difficult in English is that I can’t speak it like a native british person and this is what I want to do so you know I’m 16 years old and I began learning English since I was 12 so, I need now someone who can teach me british English , I was so happy that I found this website and thanks for the lessons
ps: I almost forgot can you please write to me which adress I have to type in order to log directly in this forum?
good bye and thanks again


Ninay, this will get you here amongst your friends.

Dear Ninay, I think it is almost impossible for a person from another country to speak like a native. Why bother.?

As I have already discussed in another post, your accent is exactly what makes you interesting to a native speaker.

Believe me when I say, that you will attract far more attention with your accent then a British girl would.

Hi Mr. torsten,

My self bhushan.I can’t understand how to use this forum.I was trying to send message but there was note that 'you must want to

send atleast five Forum messages’ .Is this message is forum message?

Is this message is readable by you or any one can read this?

As we are talking about accent, few questions I have about it.

I recently listened to a program on BBC radiowales. But a girl there was talking so fast that I had to listen her more than once.

At what speed do you (British) natives speak generally (of course while talking with natives :))?

While speaking, that girl said, “I am not that much of pink person”. What does this mean?

Gray, some folk can listen to Radio Wales a dozen times, and still not understand.

Native speakers speak fast, but native listeners can understand every word.

Speeds of up to 100 miles an hour have been recorded when my Mother is angry. LOL.

Pink Person ?. Perhaps she is a coloured person.

Continuing with the speak, how do you perceive the American accent? No offence but I find British one more polite :slight_smile:

I just do not like Americans, nor their accents. ------- EOS.

Hi kitosdad I think that all what you said was right it’s so hard to speak like a native british but I still wonder , I’m going to come to England after high school graduation , am I going to understand what native people say when I talk to? I’m afraid that I may have difficulties when I talk to them because many of my french people say that it’s so hard to understand native , americans perhaps but british ?
and thanks again for that answer you’re so kind

Hi Ninay, it is possible for you to make a voice recording here. Why not try it, and then we can give you a more definite opinion.

hi kitosdad it’s a great idea but what am I going to say then?

Hello Ninay, perhaps you could start with ‘how to say thank you in you native language’.


Shi, you get better by the day … it’s just great to watch your development.

Goes to prove that study and use will get you there in the end. I’m proud of you.

Thank you, Bill. It is impossible for me to make progress without your and other member’s help. All the credit goes to you.

p.s. Please correct me whenever you find a mistake(or somewhere doesn’t sound natural) in my post. Many thanks. :slight_smile:

or somewhere doesn’t sound natural

or something that

Thank you for your correction, Bill. :slight_smile:

hi everybody this’s ninay I’m a little bit confused about this sentence"rock me up!"what its meaning plz?

Ninay, I have no idea. Maybe you were told, " Look me up ", meaning " Keep in touch ", or " Come visit me when you are in my area ".