Hi, is it better for children to choose jobs that are similar to their parents'?

It is better for children to choose jobs that are similar to their parents’ jobs than to choose jobs that are very different from their parents’ jobs

Choosing job for children is an important issue on which the future of them is based. If they have a careful and rational choose, their future’s success and prosperity would be guaranteed. Some people believes that it is better for children to choose similar jobs to their parents’ ones. On the other hand, others state that very disparate jobs from parents’ jobs is more appropriate. As for my point of view, I lodge myself somewhere between these two groups, but closer to the first one. In what follows, the reasons upon which my position is based would be delineated.

First, the children who have similar jobs to their parents could give more help from them. They could take advantage of their parents’ experience and dexterity. Moreover, in some jobs which require equipments, the children could inherit them from their parents. For example, consider a farmer who have a boy. If the boy continues his father’s job, he could use the plantation and farming equipment of his father. In addition, he could learn eficient farming methods and experiences from his virtuoso and experienced father. On the other hand, if the boy choose a job that is very different from farming, he should start from zero pace, learning and eperiencing everything to achieve dexterity in his occupation.

Second, with similar jobs, children would have closer relationship with their parents. As there are more common issues in a similar job than different jobs, children and parents would talk together more about common issues, interact with each other to improve their careers, percieves each other better, etc. On the other hand, if children and parents have different vocations, they would belong to different worlds with different thoughts and behaviours. For example, consider a mother who is a teacher and her girl is a wrestling player or works in military. The mother interacts daily with students and would have a mild and kind character. Conversely, her girl would have an aggresive character. Surely, they encounter many problems and incompatibilities with each other that bitters the life for both of them.

To sum it up, the first factor for the children to choose their job is their interests and talents plus the wellfare that the job could bring for them. If these situations are the same for a number of jobs including their parents’ jobs, it is surely better for them (both children and parents) to choose the parents’ jobs or at least a job that is similar to theirs. If so, the children could take advantage of many benefits, such as borrowng their parents’ skills and experinces, having more compatibility with their parents, etc.

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Hi, I thought your essay was pretty good. You addressed the prompt well, though your thesis made me concerned that you might not pick one side or the other. You did though and your body paragraphs were well organized with good examples. You did have some grammatical errors and some mistakes in your sentence structures. Also, a couple of your points were not entirely convincing to me. Still, overall, I woudl rate this a 4 out of 5.