Hi, is anybody here to evaluate this essay? Thank you

“Colleges and universities should require their students to spend at least one semester studying in a foreign country.”

The author contends that colleges and universities should force their students to spend at least one semester studying in a foreign country. However, it is an impractical plan in some cases, but I think that it is a very useful plan when it is viable. In what follows my main reasons are first discussed, and then the opposite view would be explained.

Firstly, studying abroad gives a unique opportunity to the students to become more skilled and experienced. If they enter a new environment, with new people, new customs, and new issues and problems, they would become more experienced in their personal life. For example, they would learn to communicate and interact with new people which will enhance their sociability, and they would learn how to adopt an unfamiliar society which benefits them in every aspects of their future life.

On the other hand, if they choose a proper foreign country which has more advanced science in the field, the students could benefit educationally too. For example, they can work in more advanced laboratories, they can expand their knowledge by contacting with better professors, and they can attend up-to-date conferences and seminars which bring them a rewarding chance to face the most modern technologies and methods in their field.

However, some people would refute my position by claiming that it is an impractical plan in some cases. For example, some colleges and universities cannot subsidize such a money demanding program. I should say that this might be true in some cases, but I advise universities to cut their unnecessary budget or try to solicit some money from new sources and do this plan. Inasmuch as this program, undoubtedly, benefits the university in long term and the spent money will return after some years indirectly. The merits that the university will earn by this plan is not comparable with the amount of money they spend. Moreover, if the university could not subsidize the plan by anyways, at least, it could request financial help from students and put the plan voluntary. I am sure that many students will help eagerly to establish the plan because their dream is abjuring their routine monotonous life and spending some months in new country learning new things.

Hi Yasmin, I think your essay is pretty good, but the rating standards for the GRE are very tough. You have a good vocabulary, but I think you have some word choices that could be improved. Your introduction seemed very basic and I prefer a stronger thesis statement. You don’t go that deeply into the subject. You often seem to use a lot of words to delivery very little actual content. I think some more detailed examples would be helpful, yours seemed very generalized and superficial. I don’t have that much experience scoring GRE essays, but I would guess this would rate a three - maybe a four if you were lucky.