Hi, I'm Scott, I am an ESL/EFL teacher in UK

I’m Scott,
I have recently started a position as an EFL/ESL teacher in a language in the UK.

I hope to use this forum to gain a better understanding of issues faced by ESL students so I can improve myself as a teacher. I of course don’t mind helping students in learning the English language.

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Hello Scott:

I think I should tell you I am a Chinese girl.Maybe I cannot help you on your question about EFL/ESL,but I still want to know what does EFL/ESL mean . I really admire you because you are a teacher . In my opinion, teacher is the best job ( in fact , I want to say , teacher is very holy job,but I do not know if I can express like that.) When I graduated from university , I also wanna be an English teacher ,but there is no school want to employ me for my poor English. When I was young, I dream of being an excellent teacher . But now , I can not make it true.I am very sorry that I have said so many meaningless words, but I really hope that we can become good friend.

Hi Selina,

I understood your English! Remember that Practice makes perfect so keep up the reading writting and talking!

ESL = English as a Second Language
EFL = English as a Foreign Language

The school I work for teaches English to ESL teachers as well as students. I’m not sure if I can post the school website directly on this forum but you can pick it up from my profile.

Do you want to teach in China or the UK? I would advise that you check out the school before you apply as not all schools have a good reputation!

I hope to here from you soon




I hope it was a typo


Hello Scott,

Thank you for your reply for last post and your advice. I am very sorry for a late reply.I am really busy for finding a new job resently. Although my major is English , I cannot find a job which can use English. Now I am an office clerk in a Taiwan invested enterprise . ( It sounds very good, but I donot think so .) So , I try to find a satisfied job, at least I hope so . ( I hope you can understand that.)

I just want to be a teacher in China .I have no so much money for go abroad. I found that making a e-pal ( email friend ,maybe it is right.) is so wanderful ,I can say anything , happiness things ,some trouble things and so on.I also can learn many things from you . I really appreciate you .

Thanks and best regards


Hello Scott
At last I understand what Means ESL, EFL

and here from you soon.!!! Tut Tut.