Hi, I'm Dayane from Brazil & I want to know different things about other cult

[size=134]HI EVERYONE! Good morning! [/size](or afternoon, evening… :slight_smile:

[size=117][b]Below I will tell you a little about me.[/b]

I am Dayane from Brazil and I am 20 years old. On my picture is me and my bridegroom, André.

I am almost graduated in Foreign Trade, and I choose this course because I love English; I love to travel and; I love to know different cultures.

One of my favorite books is called “Laowai - Histórias de uma repórter brasileira na China” (Or something like: “Laowai - Histories of a Brazilian reporter in China”), a very very good book with a lot of photographs from the famous Brazilian Reporter Sonia Bridi and her family in China, who tells interesting things of there that is very different of Brazil’s culture.

I would like to be friend of who wants to share their culture, customs, favorite local food, etc. with me; and who wants to know more things about Brazil, beyond what everybody already know (samba, carnaval, soccer, etc). Are you this person?

Thank you for the attention.

P.S: Sorry for my English mistakes in this post. There was a long time I don’t practice my writing.

Hi everybody again!

I would like to chat to someone…

So, if you wanna be my friend, just add me on my MSN account or chat to me here.

I’m waiting…


P.S: in this photo it’s me in São Bento do Sapucaí,
near Itajubá MG - Brazil, near to the Pedra do Baú
(or something like “Trunk’s Stone Mountain”)

hi dayane i’m from guatemala nice to meet you

[size=150]Hi Cachupenw, how are you?!?!?! [/size]I gotta say nice to meet you. Thanks for the reply!!!

Guatemala, neat! I’ve been searching for images of there on Google Maps and I reached a conclusion: I would LOVE to go there someday. I clicked on Tikal link and I saw close, on Google satellite and web’s photos, how beautiful it is. There’re many green areas.

The archeological sites from Guatemala are fantastic.

Hey, Cachupenw… I searched a image that I didn’t think it’s real, I though it was a photoshop modification, but looking close it seems truth. Tell me you. Is it truth that Guatemala had a hole caused by a sewer collapse, in 2007? Link

I wait for your reply, good Sunday, Cachupenw! :slight_smile:

P.S: sorry again for my English mistakes… after all, I am still a Student, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

hello dayane.how r u?i want to learn about your country,and your customs.Because I wanna go to Brazil this summer.can you give me any information? alafamist

Hello Dayane, I’m Rafal from Poland, nice to meet you

Hello Dayane
I am mohamed from Syria,
best regards

Hi, Dayane It is nice to read about you. I am Rajeev from India, a language trainer ( English).

With regards

Hello Rajeev, I plan to visit India in November next year, especially I want to see beautiful Rajhastan.

Hi Dayane,

This is bala from india…

I wanna be your friend…

I have sent my email id in personal message…

pls check and mail me… we will share a lot…



[size=200][b]Hello people!!![/size]

[size=150]I am very happy to see your messages ! Please, sorry for the delay to answer.[/size][/b]

Let’s start answering! :smiley:

Alafamist, how can I say about Brazil… here is so large…

From north to south there’re too many kind of people, places, etc. In northeast there’re wonderful beaches with dunes to ‘skying’. Search for FORTALEZA NATAL in google images.

Where do you want to go here? Beaches? Forests? Waterfalls?

There’re TOO MANY beautiful places in Brazil.
Search for these locations, Alafamist:


Chapada dos Veadeiros

Serra da Mantiqueira

Serra da Canastra

Carrancas - MG - Brasil.



Now, if you like
BEACHES, here is some hints for you:

Paraty RJ
Trindade RJ
Natal / Fortaleza - Ceará
Fernando de Noronha (island)
Ilha Bela - SP


I hope you like Alafamist. We’ll wait for your visit[/size]

Hello Dayane… Welcome to the forum!!! (I joined yesterday either)… I’m Brazilian living in uk, as I said here:
english-test.net/forum/ftopi … roduced_by

Fantastic pictures… Have you taken them yourself? How I miss these things!!!


Hi Rafal!

How are you???
Nice to meet you too.

How is Poland, everything OK?
How long time do you study English?

See you

Hi Mohamed!

How are you?

Few years ago I had a college from Syria, her name is Mirian. But she came back to Syria and I didn’t see or talk to her anymore. Talking about that… how is there, in Syria? I’d never been there before (but I would like to go).

Tell us more about there.

Hello Rajeevknr! Nice to meet you.

I guess the best way to improve our learning is writing, chatting to friends. I also thing it have to be a pleasure for the student, that’s why I created this topic, to know different people of diverse countries – what is very cool (neat) :wink:

What do you most like in India, Rajeevknr? Convince me to go there. (As I did to Alafamist)

See ya

Hi… Sorry for enter in your chat… but… What is Rajhastan??? :smiley:

[b]HI BALA!!!

It’s very nice to know that you wanna be my friend, thank you! I want it too.[/b]

I already saw and answered the mail, ok?

So, you’re from India too, like Rajeev… hmmm… He’s gonna convince me why I would like to go there, in your country (like I did). Poor Rajeev, he won a friend but won a ‘homework’ together =/ (rsrsrsrs)

I ain’t going do this to you, but could you tell us more about you, about the city you’re living, etc?

We’re waiting, BALA.


[size=150]Finally I arrived at your post, isn’t it Andre? :D[/size]

What are you doing in UK, fellow countryman?!

[size=150]DON’T YOU LIKE BRAZIL?[/size] Our country is being abandoned for people like you!!! >.< (I’m kidding … who knows me too, someday ;D).

I have friends from here living in London city. Do you know any Romualdo? He was the responsible to take Zezé de Camargo & Luciano to London, for an inedited concert. Cool, isn’t that?

So… you did a topic here TOO. What these Brazilians think they are??? (laughs)

And these pictures I took from Google images :D.

Wont you come back here, Andre?

Hi Dayane,

How are you?

Thanks for your prompt reply…

I live in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India… This is also a tourist place. I hail from Pondicherry, which was a french colony before 1948. That is nice place to roam about and cost effective…

Follow the below link for India’s Touriosm…


I would like to have your email… Pls send it by private message…

Yours Friendly,