Hi! I'm Ant. I want to make friend with all of you. To help us study English...

I’m Ant!
I’m a new member!I want to make friend with all of you!to help us study English better!please!message me!

Do you know the meaning of ant in English? :lol:

Sawadee kah … Ant,
It"s my pleasure but my English isn’t very good. Anyway I’ll try my best…, so enjoy your study ***

Yeah Sure!Ant is a very small insect!That’s right?do you have any explantion?Happytofita!Where are you from?I’m from Vietnam!Have you ever been to Vietnam?

Sawadee kah Tor!What does it mean in English Tor!What are you doing now?Do you get a job?or still study?I’m still a student!Thanks for your answer!

yes sure we can help each other

Hi all…

I see most of our members are not introducing themselves in this forum.I think there will be no harm in disclosing the origin identity (country and mother tongue).

Hi,Ant,my mame is Janci ,I am a new member too and I want to improve my skills,we can help with english language
each other,
Best wishes

How are you,Janci?Where are you from?I’m a student!What’s your job?
You know what!I’m very bad at writing!grammar!If there is something wrong in my writing will you help me!
Your Friend!

I’m from Vietnam!Where are you from?I think you can guess what my mother tongue is!I’m a student!And you?Have a nice day!

Hi Ant!!
How are you?
Your name is very unique!! What’s the origin of your nickname? If I may ask…
I’m Pauline from the Philippines, and I have never been to Vietnam… I wanna go there someday… :smiley:
Hmm… My mother tongue is Filipino, same as our citizenship, Filipino. English is considered a second language in the Philippines.

If you need help, just message me. ^^

Hi!Pauline!I will explane you!In fact my real name is An!I have a girlfriend!She is Tien!And you can see!AntWhat is your email address?My email: “dlan37@student.ctu.edu.vn” Nice to meet you!I hope to travel to Philippines!

Hahahaha… Pretty nice combination of your name and your girlfriend’s nickname!!
Thanks for your email address! I will send you a message pretty soon. :smiley:

Thanks for your message.I am from Slovakia.My job is now very interesting.I work on service bank machinen.I am an electrotechnical engineer.When I left University,I teached .My english is not good too.
I believe,that step by step we both can improve it.
And what about you?What are you studying?
Best wishes

Well!I’m a student of Cantho University!My major is Tourism!I’m from Vietnam!Excuse me,Jan!which continent Slovakia belong to?Is it near Russia?My Geography’s knowledge is not good!But Slovakia is a famous country!I have already hear about it!Have a nice day Jan!
Best wishes!


Hello Ant…, I’m back again, my name has two meanings…the first one is “a kind of peach” and the second one is “discourage” but I prefer the first one. Now I have
online business as a part time job while I’m looking for a volunteer job. I used to work for a small resort here in Kanchanaburi or the well-known “River Kwai” for foreigners and I got a chance to be a tourist guide for sometimes. Now you’re studying a tourism class, aren’t you? It was fun and knowledgeable for me…bye for now.

Did you hear about Czechoslovakia?This country was in 1991divided into two parts,Czech republic and Slovak republic.There it is in middle Europe.Your country is very atractive.A lot of your people live in Slovakia.
Best wishes,Janci

Hi Janci! Hi Ant!!
pretty good day here. Hmm… Where is Slovakia?

Slovakia belongs to Europe.It lies in middle Europe.And what about your country?What is the weather there?In Slovakia is winter now,it means that it is snowing,raining,cold.
Have a nice day.