Hi! I wanna introduce myself - Fernanda from Argentina

Hi! I’m Fernanda from Argentina. I’m 17 years…
I have studied English since I was 10 years.

Well, I’m in the High School (or Secundary) and I will go to the Universiti next year (or that’s what I hope!)
It’s a great forum :smiley:

Well, just that…

Hi Fernanda,

Thanks for dropping in and introducing yourself to us.

Lots of luck in your studies and future career! (By the way, do you know where you’re headed? It must be hard to choose among such a wide variety of career options.)

Thanks a lot Conchita! you’re very kind!

I will study Nutrition. All about food, and their chemical…

So, I would like to help you if you needed something about chemical, or nutrition. Because I love it!

Well, sorry for my poor English… and thanks again.

:wink: fer

Hi, FernandaLP
Welcome from FangFang!
It is so glad to see an Argentina Hawk flying here :smiley: Anway, come here often and keep posting! :wink:
Would you like to tell us something about your beautiful country? How are things going there? By the way, since you have been learning English over seven years you must have much to say. Share us with your study experiences. :smiley: