hi i wana some one to correct my essay

Everybody around the world should learn important skills that it’s English language. Learn this skill has several advantages. If any on don’t learn this skill, they will face many problems such as when they travel or a good job. In my essay, I’ll discuss both sides.

Nowadays, all jobs require English skills to employment any person. People believe if they have this skill, they will get a great job and a good income. Furthermore, because all the people around the world learn English, this skill important when you want to travel in other countries. That’s helpful to communicate with resident’s their countries.

On the other hand, In contrast, if they don’t know or have this skill, they don’t have opportunities to get jobs like they want when they are competing with other people have this skill. Moreover, when they travel in vacation without have this skill, they will face many problems. For instance, my uncle, when he went to at the airport in the USA, he didn’t spook English. He missed his next airplane to Los Angeles. He still waited in an airport until he found someone who spooks his language and helps him.

In my opinion, if somebody learns English skill, they will be able have opportunities to get a good job and communication with anybody around the world. However, people who don’t have this skill will get a lot of problems when they travel on abroad.

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Hi, I am not an English teacher, but as a native speaker I am happy to correct your essay the best I can. I think you have done ok, but you still have many small mistakes which add up to an essay that is a little hard to understand. I found it easier to rewrite your essay paragraph by paragraph.


I’m thankful to you for correct my essay

I’m thankful for you to correct my essay :slight_smile:

Sorry, couldn’t resist ;). You are welcome