hi, i m new here want to say hello

Hi, i need some help in writting can any one help me in that.

Hello Akp,

Welcome to the english-test.net forums.
Your request isn’t very specific at the moment. Once you have more definite ways in which you need help, I’m sure you’ll find help here.
Incoan provides some excellent advice in this post:
How can I improve my English speaking skills?

Hello to Everyone.

It’s me Vikas.
A new Member of this forum. I want to get my English Polished with good Pronunciation and Accent. So can I get help.

ofcourse, what help do you need ?


I’m wasim ,currently working with MNC but my writting skill is not good i.e. official mails,client dealings.

So can anyone help me for the same.

I am talk abount in english daily one hour ,What the solution