Hi, I have questions about "Brass Spittoons"

  1. What is the main theme of the poem? Who’s the speaker? What is the speaker saying?
  2. What does the poet suggest by “the steam,” " the smoke," and “the slime.” Can you explain them for me?
  3. What does Baby, Church or Womem mean? What does the poet mean by saying that they ‘mixed with money’?
  4. Why is a bright, polished bowl like a cups of Solomons? What is Solomons? What does this line mean?
  5. What does the last-but-one line mean? “Offer that,” What is the ‘that’? The speaker can offer the boy a bright bowl or what? Can you explain this line for me?

The poem’s words are simple but the hidden meaning is very difficult to me. I don’t understand this poem.

I believe that you have an answer HERE.

It is unfair to ask questions like this, requiring such involved answers, on more than one forum at a time. It makes waste of considerable work by other members, and will cause them to hesitate before giving you much of their time or thought in future posts.