Hi, I am Papermasters

We help ESL students with their papers. We do not provide premade data base papers. We actually take your topic and produce a custom project for you to use as a guide.

Many teachers have sent their students to us.

Take a look at our webpage: papermasters.com

Hi Papermasters,

How is your service different from the many other essay writing businesses?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,

Thank you for asking.

First, we work with the student personally. We are available 24 hours a day by phone.

We show ESL students what their paper should look like. All of our work is custom written according to what the student is looking for.

We are then available once the student receives the model project to discuss aspects of the modle project or if she has a question about the sources.

Thank you,


Hi Papermasters,

Thanks for your quick response. We have quite a lot of essays on our forum that were posted by TOEFL candidates. Many of them have difficulties with their English, some of them might it find pretty hard to discuss an essay on the phone. How do you help such students?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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We actually do pretty well breaking the language barrier. Our project manager, LeAnn, works well with our ESL clients. LeAnn is patient and has developed the skills needed to communicate with such clients. She has worked for Papermasters.com for nearly 10 years and works directly with our ESL students.

Thanks again,


Most essay writing companies are scams and may lie about their location. As described at EssayScam.org Some also scam their own writers!

You are right. I actually think essayscam.org is a scam.

Most companies are over seas. You can hear the click over when you call them. They speak in a foreign language. They don’t deliver anything close to what they promise.

We are in Hunlock Creek, Pennsylvania and our local number is 570 477 1437.

We were registered with the BBB for years and never had a complaint.

Check us out. We welcome it. We are who we say we are.


Hi Barik,

Welcome to english-test.net! Please tell us a little more about yourself. I take it you also work in the essay proofreading industry?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I’m a student and wanna-be writer, but I could proofread something if you like ;). At the same time, I think ESL writers should write their own papers - otherwise how/when they will learn how to write in English?

And about this statement:

You qualify over-seas companies (ie. overseas people who speak in a foreign language) as those who generally “don’t deliver anything close that they promise.” Is it because of their foreign accent? Or the color of their skin?

At the same time, you try to sell your services to the same people whose English is not their native language or who are based overseas. Yikes, I smell a hypocrisy to say at least.

My response was to your commit about fraudulent companies that lie about their location.

And I hear from many of our clients that these fraudulent companies are billing them from outside the US.

Check us out we are an America company.

Who are you… you seem to have an agenda.


I’m not sure what location has to do with their speaking in a foreign language. Who doesn’t speak a foreign language on this forum? How many of you don’t usually deliver your promise just because you have a foreign accent?

For me, an ESL writer will not have any use of essay writing services; it can and will do much more harm than good. There’s nothing better than learning English or any other language by writing their own papers. Not all of them are supposed to be brilliant. A poor paper written on your own will teach you English 10 times quicker than one brilliant paper written by a “professional.” And you can have your own papers written for free.

I agree.

It is actually the research that is difficult for ESL students.

That’s what Papermasters.com does best.

Do you also write admission essays for students? Based on their personal lives or experience? Or essays on argumentative topics?