Hi! I am Mirka from Slovakia

I like your web site. I joined few weeks ago to improve my writing skills.

I am from Slovakia but at the moment I live in the States. My TOEFL test is going to be next week.

You can bet that I am nervous. This test will prove if I am ready to study here
and stay longer.

Keep your fingers cross. Hopefully, Santa will get it for me… :lol: :smiley:

Happy holidays!!!

Hi mirka. I wish you to get the highest score!Be sure I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Never give way to panic just try to collect your wits (thoughts) and everything will be fine!


Where do you live in the United States?

(I’m not asking for your street address. hehe. just city/state or whatever.)

Thanks guys :slight_smile:
I live in California, near to San Francisco. My test is going to be in Canada. So, anyone doing test in Montreal, 15 of Dec., I will see you there. Hopefully, i don’t mess it up.
Take care

Thanks guys Smile
I live in California, near to San Francisco. My test is going to be in Canada. So, anyone doing test in Montreal, 15 of Dec., I will see you there. Hopefully, i don’t mess it up.
Take care

Good luck, Mirka. I hope Santa brings you a great score. :smiley:


best wishes Mirka in your test

if Santa comes to you tell him bring me a great gifts too :lol: :lol: :wink:

Good luck Mirka :arrow:


…a Slovak girl in foreign forum…

Ok, dost bolo angliny, podme po nasom…

Ahoj, Torsten ma odkazal na tento forum, lebo som kupil od nich ECL testy a zhanam este ECL testy na pocuvanie. Nevies mi s tym pomoct?

Inak co nove v USA? :slight_smile:


Hi Michal, welcome to the forum, it’s good to have another member from Slovakia on board. As for the ECL tests, could you please tell me what exactly they are?

Talk to you soon (preferably in English :slight_smile: .)

TOEIC listening, photographs: Appliance shopping[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Torsten,
It is nice forum.
I?m looking for ECL listening tests. I found one presentation listening test on the web, but I want to buy the complet ECL listening tests… :roll:

PS: You have very good name.
One of the German trade mark is “THOR STEINAR”. Your name is similiar or something like a short cut.
(It is a high quality trade mark!!! )

Have a nice morning,


Rada by som ti v tom pomohla ale v tamtom nemam az take dobre skusenosti. Ja som priamo v statoch takze anglictinu tu pocujem dennodenne. Jediny test na pocuvanie som si tu kupila na TOEFL IBT.
vacsinou tu pocuvam radio alebo TV preto sa ani netrapim zbytocnymi financiami na audio knizkami.

Prepac, v tomto som neni moc napomocna.
Vela stastia


Hi Michal,

I take it you are referring to this ECL Sample Test? As far as I can see the test is quite similar to the TOEIC so you might want to buy a TOEIC preperation program which includes listening comprehension tests. However, the best test preparation is to listen to English every day. Get some audio materials you are really interested in such as short stories, interviews, thrillers, comedies, you name it. Browse online stores like Audible.com or Amazon you will find lots of resources.
Let me know what you think.
PS: I didn’t know about Thor Steinar but will check into it. Many thanks for pointing it out, it’s good know my name resemble a trademark :-).[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: A warehouse[YSaerTTEW443543]

May I try to translate what you were talking about? and you please correct me :slight_smile: (I do not know slovakian and hear (read) it for the first time; so the meaning is probably completely different):

ok, *** *** english, lets speak our language…

hi, Torsten (told me about this?) forum, or bought ECL tests from them *******. help?

so, what’s new in USA?

I would happily help, but i have not got that stuff myself. I am myself in US and improve english day after day (???). The only test available is the one you have bought along with TOEFL iBT…
you can listen radio or watch tv, in order to avoid extra charges for audio books…

did it make any sense?

Good luck in the exam :wink:

You don’t speak slovakian…? But you are pretty good :shock:

Only few mistakes, but my language is hard to learn. So, I am impressed with your translation. Are u sure u don’t speak slovakian???

I would like to help but with audio books I don’t have any experience. At the moment I am in US, so I do listen to english every day. The only test i have bought is for TOEFL IBT where listening section is included. I usually listen to radio or TV, in order to avoid buying audio books.

few corrections… but u have talent for languages. Good job

Great…my test is the day after tomorrow and I am really nervous. I don’t believe I am ready to make a good score… Any helpful advice how to relax and build my confidence …?

Good luck

Mba :wink: :smiley:

Sleep! Believe me :slight_smile:
Good luck!

P.S. thanks for translation corrections! it seems i’ve messed up everything! no wonder… :slight_smile:

I slept through a final exam once.

It was for Asian-American History. I’d stayed up all night, or tried to, then fell asleep probably around 5am. The final was around 9am. Of course, I slept until noon.

The professor happened to be a lawyer, so I called her at her office, made the most desperate plea of my life (well… in the academic world. fellas, you know what I’m talking about. hehe), and received succour in the form of a make-up exam date the next day.


I about died when I woke up… I’ll never forget it.

Do you have any translator? :roll: If not, you are quite good.
The Slovak language isn?t easy…
Have a nice learning :smiley:

Hi Torsten,
Sorry for my delay but I don?t have a time for the net.
I am learning your tests (vocabulary and grammar). My head has a “little gate” for receiving a lot of new informations.
Do you have any realy good method for learning vocabulary? :cry:
PS: Thank you for your information about listening tests.
I?m going to practise it…
Best regards.