Hi! I am Kareem, trying to learn English. This is very interesting...

I am kareem,trying to learn english…this is very interesting,i should have found this forum before…

Hi kareem! I also need this kind of forum. I hope this could help me with my english deficiency. I am really eager to improve my communication and writing skills. I want to take up law and I have two months to work on with my deficiency. I need to learn new words and be able to use them. I hope we could help each other. Good luck to us! :smiley:

Hello All

It is a great pleasure to be a member of this forum where I have seen a lot of ingenious people who can improve one’s writting skill as well as speaking.Sorry, members for I have just rushed in without introducing myself but this is because of too much exicitment.
My nameis Wol Abraham,I come from Sudan particularly southern Sudan in small town call Aweil.Am high school student and I have applied to study at the university and in my appication form I filled Journalism as my first choice.
As studying journalism needs a person to be very good in language,I think this site will improve my english and I will do better in my course.
Let me once again extend my graditude to the moderators of this forum for the job they are doing to us.