Hi! I am Dennis from Philippines.

Hi! I am Dennis from Philippines. I am Finance Analyst here in Philippines. I would like to study English to communicate with people from other countries.


Hi Dennis,

Thanks a lot for joining our forum. What kind of company do you work for and what exactly do you do?
Talk to you soon,

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Hi Dennis,

Philippines?? You live so far way for me :slight_smile:
I live in Brazil… I am working with financial too… In PriceWaterHouseCoopers…
How old are you? Is your contry cool? Cold?

I can´t imagine how cold is… here in Brazil we have a far weather… hot and cold… but not too cold… i´ve never seen the snow…

Let´s talk!


Hi Camila,

Nice to meet you. :slight_smile:

I’m in DHL Philippines, i think we are one your clients. I’m 29 years old. How about you? Here, the hotest is 33 (i think). What are you doing on financial? Are you accountant?


Hi Dennis!

Wow! 33F ??? Not 33 Celsius?
Cool! DHL! It´s a big company! I am 28 years old. I´m not an accountant… I am an engineer! :slight_smile: I am working with coasts of projects… Not exctly financial…Actually, i am a project manager… but now i have to learn all about financial !! In Price, you must know a little …

I am so curious about how is phillipines! Can you indicate me a site where i can read about? What is the language of the contry? English?

Let´s keep in touch!


Hi Camila,

You know what. Engineer is my first choice when i’m college. What do you know in pricing maybe i can help you. hehehe. You can go to google and search for philippines. Is there filipino there? or none? Our language is tagalog but mostly we speak in english.

Philippines! We are very hospitable. :smiley: . A lot of foreigner goes here for beach.

Here also my e-mail if need prompt feedback (dennis.deguzman@dhl.com) but still we can talk here.

Hi Torsten,

First of all, thanks for these site. I’m working with DHL Philippines, as financial analyst. I’m preparing finance report/management report, part of the budget team & forecasting and most of the analysing variance from actual expenses vs. budget vs. forecast. Some adhoc work given by my boss.

Hope you can help me to be good on grammar.