Hi, I am Cristina from Romania

My name is Cristina, I am a new user on english-test.net and I would like to send a worm Hello to all the members.
I was born in Romania and I live in USA. Living in USA helped improve my English reading and my speach but my writting needs lots of help. When I need to write in English I am using my computer but when it comes to writing a letter my brain stops working. I make lots of mistakes and I get confused if I am writing the words correctly or not. Especialy the words that have double letters :roll: .
I love America and one of my responsabilites as a proud American it is to learn English as perfect as I can. Therfore I am thankful for finding this site and I hope in the months to come, to learn many new English words and to improve my writting.

P.S I will write without the help of Microsoft Word, so please forgive me for my grammar mistakes. :oops:


Hi Christina, thank you for that worm named “Hello” you are sending to us. Obviously Bill Gates could not correct this one for you. :roll:

Hi Cristina

Welcome to the gang! Where do you live in the US? Have you been there long? Tell us a little more about yourself.

Regarding your writing difficulties, I think doing lots of reading will help you with that quite a bit. Lots of native speakers have their share of problems with spelling, too. In fact, sometimes native speakers first write a word and then look at it again to see if it “looks right”. And the main way they’ve gotten a good feeling for whether a word looks right or not is from reading — from having seen a word in print many times. Of course, nowadays Word is a big help, too. But even Word won’t find every mistake.

You did make a couple of spelling errors in your post, but overall your writing is very good. :smiley:


:lol: You definetely broak the ice…I’m Cristina from Peru,a warm hello for you too :lol: I’m glad to meet new people and have the opportunity to learn and develope the language I love…By the way,In two days is my birthday, you know,so I’m really happy,I hope I can go out with some friends and share good moments with them,by the way again

welcome to this forum and keep in touch!!! :wink:

hhhhheeeellllllloooooooooooo abig hello to you

welcome to you .iam very happy to meet you here and i have the same problem .I hope to improve my english writing and i need to improve my prounciation .
and so put your hand in my hand to learn english language .


Hi Smart,

Welcome and look forward to hearing from you with questions and comments.