Hi guys! I'm Indonesian, 20 something girl, and I wanna improve my English...

hi…i’m a new comer in this forum, really…i’m so glad to be a part of you guys!!^^
i’m Indonesian, 20something girl, and i wanna improve my english to support my study and carreer in the future, and i wish i can go around the world, oneday…^


Welcome Queen Regz to this forum , Good Luck


Thank you “M” (may i call you like that??lol) :slight_smile: nice to meet you…


I need somebody who can speak English with me.

hope you are all doing fine
QueenR, I think it is more than improving English, it is sharing experiences, learning cultures & traditions, meeting various personalities from different backgrounds. Nice, isn’t it?

@arman : yeaa, so do i…let’s practice to improve our english!!:slight_smile:

@twinelman: sure, it will be great…hope we can make it work!!:slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, QueenRegz! ^^

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thank you Pau…:slight_smile:

hi queenregz,im ilham from indonesia,same with you,


hi ilham…nice to meet you :slight_smile:


where’s your city ??? im in bogor,

hi there , how r u ?
i remeber the mountain of Puncak in Indonesia , it’s wonderful.

Let’s speak about your country

@ iLham : i live in Parijs van Java a.k.a Bandung :slight_smile:

@imagination : hi there…i’m good, thx…how about you??have you been to Indonesia before??yeaa…sure, Puncak is beautiful but my hometown,“Bandung” still the best ever …hehehh!!well anyway, where are you from?

@arman : what do you want to know? i think, a thousand words can’t describe it…hehehh!!“dangerously beautiful” that’s it :slight_smile:

queen,do you have fb account??? add me,ok

yes, i do…what’s your ID??

my ID? i don’t know?

It’s nice to hear from you Queenregz, If you need someone to discuss any topics or share experiences with, I am just here okay? Here’s my email mywzheart@yahoo.com and this also my YM account. Add me up!