Hi guys I am looking for help... I am focused on taking the TOEFL Test and I want to have a good preparation


Hi Everyone! Recently, I have been preparing for taking the TOEFL Test. I have downloaded some PDF files and some audios to practice as well. I am not taking a preparation course. It’s just all by myself. You may be familiar with the page http://www.english-test.net. In the past, there were some Listening Comprehension exercises, they were about discussions and lectures; However, I cannot play the audios now, Also, I have been trying to find the audios in other websites but I never find them. So, Listening Comprehension is one of the areas I want to practice as much as I can.

I hope you guys can help me to find the audios or send me the audios or any specific link so that I can download them. Thanks. Have a good day.


Nobody could give me a hand??? Amazing! Thanks for not answering!!


Sorry for the late response. We are working on rebuilding the site so the listening comprehension materials will become available again as a free online version.