Hi, guide me: I'm givin my TOEFL on July 28 and GRE on Oct 10...

Hi , every1
i m a comp. engg. from india. i m givin my TOEFL on july 28 and gre on oct 10. Actually i m very new to this concept of forums and dont know much abt hw it works. So kindly accept me as a part of ur community.
I needed some help for planning my study plan for TOEFL and GRE. l have started doin my wordlist from past 1 week. I hope u guys respond.
Waiting in anticipation… almighty1

Nice to have you here!!
Welcome!! :smiley:

[color=blue]good morning

I’m new here in this forum & my command of the English language is very weak.

I face a huge problem when I talk with anyone either face to face or on the telephone.

Is anyone help me

Hi Alcib, I would be more than happy to help you in any way that I can. I think using the phone would be very expensive for you. Better you use the PM facility which is provided here.

Regards, Bill.


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