Hi from sunny California! My name is Michael and I am a native speaker of US...

Hi Everybody,

My name is Michael and I am a native speaker of US English, and I speak French too.
I’m not an ESL teacher —but I work as a translator from French to English, and I love sharing little tidbits of my native language with people.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you guys may have, especially you francophones out there!


Hi Michael

Welcome to the ESL and enjoy being a member. I’m Yanelys and my native language is Spanish. Thank you for offer us help to improve our english, and here is my first question: what does francophones mean? I have an idea but I want to be sure. :oops:
If you are interested in learn spanish tell me about it, I could help you too :smiley:
All the best.

You probably DO know what it means: someone who speaks French, in most cases a native French speaker.

I am always up for learning a little Spanish…I live in California and so I have been around it a bit–I understand it better than I speak it since I have never taken any lessons.

And besides, most of the Spanish I know is from la cucina!

Thank you, that was I thought, but is good to be out of insecure.

That’s great, but do you mean “the kitchen”, right? because it wirtes “la cocina” you were very close. If you have any other question about a word you can ask me. What other words do you know?

Ah I thought it might be cocina. It’s cuisine in French, so I put the u in there!

Let’s see, I guess I know a lot of words (that maybe I can’t spell!) but I don’t know ANYTHING about verbs at all!

Well that was a smart strategy.

What worlds would you like to know first? Simple ones like run, walk, work eh? Will be in the same order correr, caminar, trabajar. In Spanish the verbs end in ar, er, ir, or, always in R.

Hi Michael, I’m Francisco and i live in CA as well, im a Spanish speaker, and im larning English. i like meeting people who live in the state i live in. id like to have your email adress and talk to you some day. i hope we can be friends… take it easy

im taking some culinary arts classes at college so maybe we could help each other.