Hi from Germany: My name is Mona, I'm living in the south of Germany and...

Hello all
My name is Mona, I’m living in the south of Germany and I’m here to perfect my English. I attend a language school where I’m learning everything about the English language, general as well as business English. I study commercial correspondence as well.
I think that’s enough about me :slight_smile:

Hi Mona

That isn´t loads about you really.

Where are you in the south? Been there a few times, I am in the old East (Leipzig).

English by birth, British by mirth, and like this little spot of earth I am on at the moment.

What area of commercial correspondence are you focusing on?

And how do your English lessons pan out? Are you with a chain or a private school?

More importantly what is your aim with English? It is always good to have one.

Nice to see some more Germans here.

Veil Glück und schöne Gruße aus Saxon.
cheers stew.t.

bis bald.

Hey Stew

Well, I’m living in Ingolstadt. I don’t think u know it, it’s near Munich :slight_smile:
I’d say there’s no special area of commercial correspondence that I’m focusing on. To be honest, school has just started here on September 15th, that means we’ve just had about 3 lessons of c.c. yet. I can tell u about that later I think
And about my school… It’s a private school, and about my aim, I wanna speak English like a Canadian does. I have relatives in Canada and I also want to move there, so :wink:
Okay, gotta go now, it’s time for midnight-shopping :wink:

Take care
Liebe Grüße


i know Ingolstadt only 2nd hand. had a student last year and this from there. Works for Deutsche Telekom.

As for your aim, nice one. But speaking like a Canadian is hard, as in my experience only a small % of learners speak with a native accent.

Good luck to you though!

Good morning!
Well, about the accent, I already have an accent, actually I always had a Canadian one but all my teachers at school are from Manchester, so my accent changed a little, unfortunately :frowning:
Thank you and take care

Hi Mona
how are you ? I am a new , I am from Egypt , but i would like to move to Germany my housbend study german and I study English .
but i will study german too .
see you soon

السلام عليكم alsalamo alikoom
Hi Mona ,
I am very happy you know
my housbend lives in egypt with me , he study in guta in egypt
but we would like to live in germany
I have four kids.
see you soon

Hi Mona
How old are you ?

Hey Amira,
I’m 17 years old :slight_smile:

[color=darkblue]Hi Mona, :smiley:

My name in Nassim wich means Breeze, people tell me that I speak English Quite perfectly but I feel just like I need much more perfection…the latter is to be realized by Practising… :stuck_out_tongue:

I got an Excellemnt score in TOEFL 2007 “613” and 4 out of 6 in Test of Written English, what about you? :roll:

Is your English quite good? do you practise it everyday? How much do you read per day? what kind of litterature you prefer? :wink:

Sorry, it’s not an interrogatory but I am really keen on establishing an international friend networking… :oops:

By the way, I speak French perfectly…

Yours friendly

Nassim :arrow:

Hey Nassim

First of all, are you Moroccan? I wonder, because your name sounds Arabic :wink:
Well, I haven’t taken the TOEFL yet but I will do so as soon as possible. My school will offer this to me but I think I’ve to wait a little until they offer it (might be next summer).
Yeah, I would say my English is pretty good. I do some mistakes in tenses and stuff because I don’t wanna think about what I’m talking/writing, I just do so :smiley: But everybody understands me and yeah… I would say I’m not that bad :wink:
Of course I practise English every day. About 80 % of all my classes in school are taken in English :wink: I also read English books and in the internet I’m always talking in English. I’m not proud to say that but sometimes I even know some words just in English and not in German :smiley: I’m about to forget German, I think.
And about literature, at the moment I’m reading a book called ‘Dear John’, it’s something like a love story. I pretty much love love stories as well as stories about war and stuff (I surely HATE war but I’m interested in how it happens and how people feel and so on)

I can also speak some French, well, let’s say I could :wink: I’ve learnt it in school for 4 years but now in language school I don’t have French any more so I think I’ll forget it soon unfortunately :frowning:

Take care

[color=darkblue]Hi Mona, :lol:

I am a morocco neighbor…I am Algerian, yes you were right, my name has an Arab origin, it means Breeze…I do like fresh morning breeze! :wink:

Do you know what was my first English novel, I read ? it was Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brönte…A wonderful love story with a happy ending…it’s quite rare in love to end up with happiness & bliss…You can try this classic novel and I dare say that you will read it at least three successive times ! :roll:

For listening, I seize every opportunity to improve it, TV, radio…eslpodcast audio files…etc, besides I am working in a multinational company where English language is prevalent…It helps me a lot! :shock:

The photo joined to my profile was taken in Egypt as I went there for a training two years ago…The pyramids are really wonderful & their architecture is amazing…I will be there next November! :smiley:

Really nice to meet you & hope to fructify our both experiences in this language

Prenez soin de vous & au plaisir de vous relire (these are some common french expressions) :!:

Meilleures Salutations


Nassim :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Mona,

What’s wrong with the Manchester accent :wink: ? Also, what do you think of How do distinguish between an American and a Canadian accent?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: A student smiling[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hey Torsten,
Well, I don’t know why I have problems with the Manchester accent but I just don’t like it, maybe it’s because I don’t like to pronounce the A’s like aa, I like to pronounce it more like an Ä (don’t know if you know that letter). The best example is the word ‘Manchester’ -> Maanchester or Mänchester?
And about the link, that you for sending me this, I will read it as soon as possible (I’m pretty busy at the moment).

Hello ESL Forums. I am very grateful that I have found a site that will help me improve my English at the same time will help me how to “communicate effectively”.

I am Sheryl delos Santos, Filipina, working here in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

When I arrived here in Dubai, I am a little bit confused because in the Philippines we are using Standard American English but here obviously, British English.

I hope here in this Forum, I will be able to assert myself in American English or British English.

Hello Sheryl,

Welcome to english-test.net and thanks for your introduction. If you like, you can take this test and let me know how many questions you got right on the first attempt.

Best regards,

TOEIC listening, photographs: A container yard[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Torsten

There is present in any language accents that get a lot of stick (criticism) for whatever negative associations. In England it is Scouse, Geordie and Manc from native and non native speakers.
The latter it is said because they do not open their mouth so much.

Was interesting that after a weekend in Liverpool, my students found the Scouse accent intriguing.

Personally I like accents as they are distinct and challenging.
And I still do not get why German people do not like the Saxon or Swabian accent. They have distinct characteristics that are really great.

Hi Mona

Is it Manc only or just general Northern?

What is your take? (opinion)

on “U” in pub and bus
Pab and Bas by Southern English,
and Purb and Burs with a soft “r” by Northerners.

Hi, Mona
What did you do in Lesser Bairam ?
did you go any where ?
How did you celebrate a feast ?

Hi Mona
I am waiting for you
I hope we will be freinds
and I am here if you want to asked me about any thing in islam
I am so happy for that