Hi from a British English Teacher in Paris, France

Hello everyone,

I’m a female British teacher working in Paris. I give lessons to children and adults in Paris and also to people around the world on Skype.

If anyone needs any help with their English please contact me and I’d be happy to help.

To find out more about me you can also visit englishteacherinparis.googlepages.com


Hi there,
It’s good to have you on board. It would have been more convenient for the forum member if you could have very kindly allowed them the honour of knowing your name. That will facilitate contact and communication.

Je propose des cours d’anglais aux enfants et adultes à Paris.

Pour plus de détails veuillez vous rendre sur mon site:



hi margaret how are you?i am sofiko from georgia…i think you are very friendly person…i am student nd teaching english literature but its very difficult or me i need help and can you help me???

Hi, margareth, I really happy with your offer to help us learning english.
Let me introduce myself, my name is Anita from Indonesia, 22 y.o.
Actually, I really need help. I have learned english approximately for 11 years, since I was on junior high school. But, i’m still meet some difficulties.