Hi friends! My name is Aikay, a Nigerian...

Hi friends am so happy to be the midst of you guys, my name is Aikay, a Nigerian. Its just so unfortunate that I discoverd this web site very late, since I will be sitting for toefl ibt on the 22nd of May. All the same I must confess that the two days I have spent going through your various contributions have taken away the nervousness in me. My fears has always been not knowing how well I was doing in the speaking section but with my discovery of this web site I can now record my speaking and have the priviledge of playing it back for listening and assessing myself. This is so pretty amazing!!!

Thats great Aikay, its best to be relaxed whenever you take a test.

Hi Aikay
my name is fati & i am iranian.
can you tell me more about how can i improve my speaking?