hi!!evryone:D I m from Japan

hi! every one!
my name is miho:)19years old.
I am from Japan. I really want to improve my English and study abroad someday.

Hello Miho,

Welcome to the English-test.net forum! I hope you will find this a useful and friendly place. Where would you like to study abroad?

Take care!

Hi Miho-san,
Is it OK to call you this way? I used to put “-san” after the name or surname of a Japanese. I learned it from some of our company’s customers in Japan.

I visited your country in last year. It’s a beautiful place. People there are polite. Japanese cuisine is especially delicious.

I hope you can learn more about English from this amazing site.

Good luck!

hi Xiaomuou! I want to go to Canada or America or New zealand. I can’t deside><
I think these places are really good.
Where are you from?

hi Justin_Huang
yes! it is collect^^
really? it is good!!

Hello Miho,

You can call me Megan as it’s my real name. I’m an American but I’ve been living in the Netherlands now for over 8 years.

It seems you still have to think a while as to where you want to go abroad. Where ever you choose I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and have many wonderful experiences. When are you hoping to study abroad? Do you have a particular time frame or just whenever you can make it possible? I’m sure you’ll enjoy it very much!

Take care!

Netherlands is really good place~~!!
I want to study abroad next year or the year after next.
I will take toefl test this week><if I can get high score, I can go next year!
However, if I can’t get high score, I will go to the year after next><
If you are ok, please tell me about USA and Netherlands:)

Hello Miho,

I wish you good luck with your TOEFL test this week! Let me know how it goes please!

Well, I am not sure what you want to know about the USA or the Netherlands. If you have questions about either you are always welcome to ask me, if I can answer your questions I’d be happy to. I could give you a general idea of where I lived in the USA and of where I live now in the Netherlands if you’d like?

Take care!

Hello , how are things with you today? I’ve read your introduction and I liked it very much. I’m also interested in practicing English so maybe we can share experiences and help each other?

hello:D I m very fine!
how are you today? よろしくお願いします^^
I am happy if we share experiences and help each other.
how long have you studied English?