Hi everyone!

Hello to everyone! I’m so glad that I’ve found this website! I hope to meet new people in here with same interest and ambitions. Let me introduce myself to you first. My name is Natalia I’m 32 years old originally form Ukraine but leaving in Ireland at the moment. For the past few years I’ve been trying to pass English test but unfortunately I’ve been always unsuccessful for one or the other reason… First my writing was very poor, then when I improved my writing and scored 6.0 I failed reading and listening… So frustrating because I need to pass this English test badly as to allow myself to move forward. I’m planing to apply to university in Ireland for nursing degree and I was told that I need to prove my English competence first before applying. I was given few option as to what kind of test I can pass… To be honest with you I’ve had tried already 5 times to pass English test!!! Very first time I took TOEFL ibt and I scored 65 I think, second time I took Cambridge Advance Test and it lead me nowhere I simply failed the test :frowning: Third, forth and so on I took IELST Academic test and I founded much easier than TOEFL or Cambridge… My last result form IELTS test was: Reading - 5.0 , Listening - 5.5 , Writing - 6.0 , Speaking - 7.0… I keep on failing these two parts no matter how much effort I put into practice… Here I hope to improve my reading & writing and listening skills.

Hey! My name is Patricia, I am 14 years old and I would love to help you. You have a friend here :slight_smile: “Ï was given few option…” That sentence is wrong. I think this is how you should say it, “I was give a few options…”