Hi everyone

I’m a college student in the third year of a commerce faculty. My English mainly is based on conversations,chatting &/or dialogues with friends from all over the world through the same known mail/social networks websites on the Internet.
As you know, the conversation between friends isn’t like a homework or a test you are seeking in it high marks, so you just miss letters or mess up with the grammar basics & your friend could get you if he or she’s a native speaker. If you are kinda knowing how to do a dialogue this would be a good thing as a start for contacting English speakers…but not quite enough for a job, so yes that is a reason why i’m here beside i’m interested in learning new languages and English is the closest one to me [i mean i find myself can talk,write & understand it more than any other foreign language]…yet don’t know how things going on here, somehow i came here by googling for an abbreviation : (RIP) & i found replies & members the website name & the categories, all made me paid attention & curious to try some English forum & of course making new friends
I’ve found AJ Hoge (&he’s an English pro teacher for those who don’t know him) found his lessons very interesting & even having audio lessons on my drive i listen to them from time to time (if i remembered o.O).
Well, that’s almost everything, good luck for new members & nice to meet you all.

Welcome to the forums Ahmed.
If you are interested in using English correctly for a job, then here are a few basic rules to improve the quality of your writing and make a move from informal chat to more correct use of grammar:
Never use the ampersand (&) sign instead of ‘and’ when writing prose. Its usage should be limited to particular situations - you can find out more at this link:
Never write words such as ‘kinda’, ‘gotta’ and ‘gonna’. There are no such words in correct English grammar.
The pronoun ‘I’ is always written as a capital letter. Don’t be lazy with the keyboard use.
Pay attention to punctuation - I can see that you know you should begin sentences with capital letters and end them with full stops or equivalent. I also notice that you realise you should leave a space after commas, full stops, etc. However, your usage is inconsistent at the moment. Don’t write over-long sentences by using too many connectives or commas - and especially not by using incorrect ellipses (… signs).

Hello Ahmed and Beeesneees,

First, I’d like to welcome Ahmed to the forum. I think you can learn a lot from many different people here. Everyone is friendly and helpful.


The more I see your replies to others, the more I wish I could hire you privately to help me improve my own English skills! Someday I hope to have even just half of the understanding of the English language that you possess!

Take care!

Thank you Beeesneees and Xiaomuou,

I want to ask if using the american English tongue in writing is right or there’s something in that ? … (referring to the word [kinda] in my first post) .

I haven’t yet checked the forum, but i will do as soon as i have a chance . And speaking of that, where in this forum can i post a question or a demand ? … or i can keep heading to the new members board and just post my posts here to you guys ?

Thanks again and i will check this section Xiaomuou .

Whether you use such slang or not is up to you. It depends on your audience and whether you wish to appear educated in the language.

I repeat… the pronoun ‘I’ is always a capital letter.
The forum you use to post your question depends upon the question. Look at the forum headings on the home page
and make the most appropriate selection.

Even if the pronoun ’ I ’ came in the middle of the sentence ?


Yes. Regardless of its position, the pronoun ‘I’ is ALWAYS written as a capital letter. This does not apply to any other pronouns.
Also, there is no space between the preceding word and a comma, full stop or similar punctuation mark.

“I haven’t yet checked the forum, but I will do as soon as I have a chance.”

I hope to remember all these hints you have referred to. Thanks, that was really helping.

And I think using abbreviations like “ASA,IDK,FYI…etc” would be wrong too, right ?


You mean ‘That was really helpful’ - helping is not used in that sense.
Abbreviations should also be avoided if you are seeking to use good English.

(Well done for getting the pronoun right - but there is no space between the preceding word and a question mark or exclamation mark either.)

Hi Ahmed_M,

Now that you have been given all this advice, it might be a good idea to write a short piece and put the advice into practice. I suggest you simply write a few words on this topic: What I did at the weekend.

Worth a try?


Actually I wasn’t sure if it should be ‘helpful - helping or helps’. If i said ‘that helps’ will that be right?

That’s a good idea Mr. Alan, I will definitely give it a shot.


“Thank you - that helps,” would have been fine.

You forgot the capital ‘I’ again. This is why it is a good idea to avoid bad habits early on.

Oops, I’m getting used to write right anyway. It’s about time.

Maybe I need to write a lot here to get used to write as it should be.

Hey everyone My name is Rachel . I am not enough good to talk english so i would love to be better at english .So help me

Hi guys! My name is Maja and I’m from Poland. I’m eighteen.
I’ve decided to write my post right here, because I don’t want to cause unnecessary confusion. :slight_smile: I’m studying in high school now and I’ve been learning english for several years, but mainly in school. I haven’t had many contacts with native speakers so my english is rather not vivid and full of mistakes instead. I would love to improve my english skills! But I often have many problems with it, especiall grammar and that’s why I’ve registered. As I’ve been reading your posts I found out that you are very helpful and friendly so perhaps I will also make friends with you.
I’m open-minded and considerate and I’ll be delighted if you would like to correspond with me and correct my mistakes by the way.

Here we go, I’m here for the same reason and welcome Rachel and Maja. It’s demanded from students to improve their English skills for jobs opportunities or making degrees, and people here seem friendly and helpful. Good luck to all.