Hi! everyone, you can call me Vicky!

I’ m from China . My name is "xu ke” which means “permission” in Chinese :smiley: . Last month, I graduated from my high school and now I’m preparing for TOFEL test hoping to be admitted to an University in America.
I desire to make friends with all of you!

hi xu ke!! we are in the same boat, I am preparing for the TOEFL as well.However I am sitting at the end of this month.therefore I welcome any kind of help!!

HI!Tm10808, nice to meet you here! I think you 're an approachable person:)
Where are you from ? How can I call you? Are you a freshman like me? Moreover, what’s you expected score of TOEFL test?

Hi!! Happy to me you too!
What’s you name? Where are you from?
Now, I ’ m writing an English composition which is my assignment…um…However, it takes me too much time to organize! I hope that I can finish my English homewore more quikly next time …:slight_smile:

Hi dear, happy to see you in this site, i am a new member want to learn english, i live in china bejing, son of Ambassador of Afghanistan in china
thanks at all
i hope we can learn together

Rearlly? Terrific! I 'm going to Beijing next month because my father works in Beijing !Now I’m in Guangzhou…
I look up to you father!!

Thanks dear nice to meet you too, i hope see you soon
this is my msn
if you want you can add me, we can talk with each other via msn, and thanks for accept me as your friend
take care and have a good time

Would you mind communicate with me via QQ?
I ’ m on line now…Q:123228408

no we can talk in qq

hey can you belive me now

I’ m sorry…I can find words to convey my …OH!SORRY!

Hi dear Vicky, how are you i hope you be fine, what about your relation with dave, wish both of you good time, i would love to tell you that from tomorrow we have to take fast, but you know my family is not in here and that is hard for me to prepare everything at 3 am for eating, and whole day i can’t eat
anyway wish you good time and good relation with dave


Hi there! I’m preparing for SAT and SAT subjects test now.

you are talking with me

Hi Xu ke/Vicky I took last month a one class course of mandarin…

If I can help you don’t worry in ask me…

My sister studied at Fudan University in Shangai 2 years ago…

So if you wanna practice your oral or written english you can add my MSN: josuevip@hotmail.com

Take Care

And good luck in your TOEFL

In which University of America (the continent or the country) will you study?

Greetings from Mexico…

Josue Pardo