Hi everyone! I'm Yanelys from Cuba...

Hi, i’m yanelys. I’m new here and I’m from Cuba. I’ve been living in USA just one year.
So, I’m learning english the fastest way that I can. Well I will like to do new friends, besos. :smiley: [/i]

Hi Yanelys,

Thanks for joining english-test.

I’m sure you’re learning a lot just by living in an English-speaking country. Are there any other activities you do to improve your English?

All the best,


Thank you for the welcome, and another thing that I do is study in the enternet and with some books from the library, like HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE SAT, and MASTER THE SAT(those are the ones I’m studing now), usually I study them listening to meditation music. It sounds rare but is very comfortable.Thanks again, now I have someone who I can practice my english. Best wishes.

Yanelys. :slight_smile: