Hi everyone! I'm Nick From Greece

I would introduce my self, saying that i am informatics teacher in a high school somewhere in northwest Greece. At this period normaly i would be on holidays, but this year i attend a postgraduate program and i give the exams (in the hot of July, we have 35 C right now). Further details when we met each other in the forum.

Hi, Nikoskon

I would like to know a little about your job, or what you are teaching. Do you teach Pascal programming language? In highscool in Vietnam, students are taught Pascal. In university, students will learn Visual Basic, C and C++, etc.
Well, the exercises on C language are making me crazy :smiley:

Hello tortoise!
Well, Pascal seems rather difficult to my students, so there is another educational programming language, very similar to Pascal, but using Greek words as commands. I teach them basic things such if… then… for…while… arrays …little of functions and procedures and that’s it.
We also don’t teach C in high school, only university students are taught C, Java,…
How about you?


It’s wonderful that you have a programming language that is written in Greek. It would be very easy for Greek students to learn programmig, like American students can learn C easily, wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:

As I said, C is not taught in highschool. Students don’t know about programming until they enter senior highschool. But pupils in some elementary schools in Hanoi capital are taught Pascal. Students don’t know about programming until they enter senior highschool.

In the last semester I learned programming with machine language which is so difficult, and learned how to use LC3…

Do your students like to program?