Hi everyone! I'm Jennifer Nguyen. I'm from VietNam. I'm a student at economics

Hi everyone!I’m jennifer_nguyen.I’m from VietNam.I’m a student at economics college of national university.I’d like to learn English and make friends with you.I don’t know English much.So,i hope that,all of you will help me.Great to see you! :smiley:

Hi to everyone! I´m Patricia, but my nickname is Pato… I´m from Argentina. I´ve been living in London last year for 4 months, working and studying english… and since that, i´m an English lover!!! my level is no so high, but I´d like to improve it more and more…
I hope to make a lot of friends by this forum from all over the world…
Have a nice week!

hi girls, i’m Alex and i would like improve my english too.
we could be friends???

I’d like to make friends all over the world too.I am zipo,nice to meet you !

Hello jennifer_nguyen
I’m from Vietnam too
can we improve our english together?
My yahoo nick name is dxkhanh (dxkhanh@yahoo.com)
Please contact me
I look forward to receiving your feedback