Hi everyone! I am student from Pakistan, 20 years of age


im new here, so i believe i should start with a little introduction of mine, well, im from Pakistan, 20 years of age, and a student.

i have also studied English as my secoond language, and though im very good in writing, but i realize, im not equally good in spoken English, besides that, i tend to think, that if you learn a different language, you should be able to speak in a perfect, or at least in a good accent.

i’d like to learn the exact american/canadian and british accent, if anyone of you people know about any online training lessons in this regard, or any other information, i’ll be obliged if you let me know.
thankyou in advance! :slight_smile:
take care all,


Welcome Brother

To this forum , nice to meet you

I know my reply is too late

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