Hi Everyone! I am Mahesh from India and new to this site.

Hi Friends,

I consider everyday a new learning day for me. I won’t say I am an expert, but could be considered as an average when it comes to English. Eventhough my initial education was from convent where english was compulsory, still I never had the courage of speaking in front of a mass, untill I joined this company where I got exposed to interaction with all higher management people daily.

Now, even today when I speak, I feel in myself that conscious effort for gathering gramatically correct words which sometimes make me sick. I still struggle to get that fluency while speaking and I wish this is the right forum where I can build up my vocabulary and my writing skills in English very well.

Torsten, I hope the above is gramatically correct! Please correct me if anywhere I am wrong.


Eagerly waiting for your response…

Hi Mahesh,
How to improve your spoken English? For this, I would emphasize two things:

  1. Speaking is a skill. The more you use a skill, the better you are in it. So practise a lot.

  2. Do not try to learn the “perfect” English. As there is no such thing as a “perfect” English. If your English sounds different from native speakers of British English and American English, it’s because your English is different, not wrong. What you should try to aim for is to be understood by English native speakers and ESL users. If those two group of people could easily understand you, then your English is good enough for communication.

I totally agree with you about improving our skills though. There is always room for improvement for all of us. Keep speaking in English, and you will find yourself fluently exchanging ideas with native speakers of English in no time!

Hi Megha,

Thank you so much for your reply. I completely agree to what you have said. I hope to start using this skill daily with people of different origin. It is only possible among ESL users.

It was so nice of you to exchange your views. Thanks once again!