Hi everyone, give me some advice for this essay please.

[color=red]Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Is it the responsibility of the government to provide health care to everyone living in that country.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Have you ever had a heavy sick and feeling of helpless? I have experience on that and I know everything can never start without health. Therefore, I strongly agree with the statement that It is the responsibility of the government to provide health care to everyone living in that country. This can be understand with these reason.

Health decides a part of a success of a people. A student who is very smart but unfortunately have sick on the exam day won’t never accomplish their test . Since that is an important, the government should provide a health care for everyone living in that country. This help to improve everyone’s life and improve a status of a country as well. The government of Africa is the obvious instance when they didn’t support the people to improve their life, in consequence, you can see many of children die everyday because of some diseases that could be handle by a very basic healthcare. Every factor suffers the same circumstance caused the country going to poor and poorer instead of the successes.

Beside, we can not refuse that a good health lead to better life. The government sould help to share the burden life of their people, by this way, people can invest their money to anothers aspects such as education or living expense, business, this investment contributes to develop a prosperous nation. I have to tell the truth that the government in my country doesn’t do well in this so, it causes many of people in my country facing to sickness, disease and this stop a lot of children’s dream to go to school.

I believe if a government undertands their role that they are there to provide and support the people living in that country, they needs build up a healthy society, give people more chances to acheive their dream. Eventually, consider all of the above, I can say it is the responsibility of the government to provide health care to everyne living in that country.

Hi, I agree with everything written by you. Believe me or not, it is not only problem Africa’s states. It is worlwide problem. Govemerments never have enough money to solve each problem in contries led by them. Politicians prefer to solve own “problems” and they a so “far” from problems of ordinary people. Many of them never had been ordinary and some of them have forgotten it. I can see that generaly people lose their humanity when they are getting very successful. But thank God there are still enough of successful people that stayed “on the ground”. Successful or unsuccessful, I hope to meet here a lot of nice people of all the world.