Hi everybody! I'm Thaina Nunes from Brazil!

helloooo!! my name is Thainá Nunes. i live in Belém/Pará/Brazil.
i have 19 years old.

i am very happy with learn more english!
i finished my english curse here last year!
but i can’t stop!

because i’m going to travel to EUA next month!!
to estudy at santa ana college! journalism!
i’m very ancious!!
and i don’t wanna forget nothing about english!

hi. i like very much my first english lesson!!
it was a litte bit easy to me!!
but in the test i got right 6 questions, but i think i was good!!
and at the audio recording i understood everything!

hi, it’s me again, now i finshed the lesson 2!
be-verb. pretty easy too!!
i already know about this, but is always good review!!

about the audio, i understood everything again, sue is very intersting!

and about the test i got right 8 question from 10!!

but, why noone talk with me!?

Hello Thainá,

Many thanks for your joining our forum. It’s great to hear you like our email course and the audio sessions. Please tell me more about your goals. Why did you decide to become a journalist?


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hi i am meshach 23 year old young man from india.happy to join with you

hi me idrees afridi from pakistan and doing full time job in finance department of telecommunicaiton company. I studying a professional course of accounting as part time. I want to improve my english efficiency more and that is why i joined that forum. Most welcome If somebody want to share his or her experiences with me, in that way we imporve our english and get some new information from one another…

hi, me idrees afridi from pakistan. i want to improve my english, if we communicate our experience to each other in english, in that way we can not only improve our english but we can get a lot of new information about our cultures from each other.

Hi Torsten,
i’m relly joining you email course. Very Happy
and since i was a child i want be a journalist, my grandfather was a brilliant journalist here in my city. and i love write intersting texts about everything. i like to show what i think about something i know, give my opinion. i like to know diferent places, diferents thoughts, diferents cultures, etc. and show to everybody.
this is the prncipal things.
thanks fou your attencion!!

Hi meshach,
that is a dificult name to write for me!! :slight_smile:
i’m happy to you join with me.
what do you do?!
where and how did you learn english!?

hello idrees,
you’re a little bit busy, aren’t you?!
i want to improve my english too, i want to change experiences with you, i don’t have a lot of, but i think we can have a good chat!
and i like to know diferents cultures.
so, tell me, how old are you!?
what do you like to do in your free time!?

i’m verry happy to join with you!!

Hi Thainá, I’m here to say hellow in your own post, is good to see you and i’m waiting you to keep our chat at my post.


thank u so much thaina, actually i am doing full time part time study too so that is why i am resopnsing u a late…

hi idrees!
well, i think u are a hard-work, and it’s is very good!!!
is good to ur future! but don’t forget ur free time!!
u need to relax and have fun when u can.
and u didn’t answer what i have asked bedfore.

hi thaina,

sorry i am responsing too much late, my exame will help from 14 augest, that is why i am busy.

I am 27 years old, in free time i am watching TV, surfing internet

your content seems to be pretty interesting. very good. good luck my friend.

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ciao Thaina,
hope tht u r always doing well, i like ur latin name it’s so smooth & musical name.hope’ll be friend

Hello!!! Nice to meet you here!!
My name is Nataliia, I’m from Ukraine. I’m 18 years old. I’m a 3rd year student and I also adore learning foreign languages, especially English. I like this forum very much, because here you can improve not only your skills, but also find new friends!!!

HEY! my name is Thaina’ also, and I am originally from Brazil (curitiba) and moved to the EUA 12 years ago. Also, I am nineteen just like you… weird right!

Hello my friend, my name is CON.
I come form South VietNam, English is exciting and more fun. I love it, I try to study how to speak, write and make more comfortable communication with some one.
I would like to joint with every body, and learn form you. Please keep in touch.
My e-mail address : heartvn04@yahoo.com.

Hello Thaina, my name is Jesse from California :slight_smile: