Hi everybody! I'm Sinh from Vietnam.

Hi all,

My name’s Sinh. I live in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Do you know Vietnam? hmm… maybe some know and maybe others don’t. I’m glad to introduce Vietnam to you.

Vietnam-The hidden charm:wink: - Vietnam is a very beautiful country. Also, Vietnam is a very safe place to travel and explore. I love Vietnam, my dear country. ^____^

Vietnamese in general and Hanoian in particular are so friendly and helpful. :smiley: I’ll be very happy to make friends with all of you.

P/s: Oh, I almost forgot. Let me tell more about me. I am a girl, 20 years old, so I am a student now. ^^. My major is Accounting. I like listening to music, reading, accessing internet, and… of course, especially learning English. Nice to meet you.

Have a good time…!

Hi, carrot!!

Your nickname reminds me of my little neice. She is called “carrot” at home. It’s a cute name, isn’t it?
It’s very nice to meet you here. Hope that you can enjoy the forum because it helps us a lot in learning English.
My name is Huy and I’m living in HCMC for studying. I am going to be a second year student and my major is electrical and electronics engineering. Well, accounting is also very interesting. I have a friend who is learinng Accouting. By the way, if you want to read books about Accounting in English language, please feel free to contact me. I have many books on Acccouting and Economics, all of which are e-books (PDF files).


Hi, tortoise !

I’m really happy to meet you here, too. yeah… the forum is so… wonderful ^^ I like it so much 'cause I think (you know, I am new member :wink: ) yeah, I think I will learn many things from everybody and… one certain thing is that I have chances to make friends. hihi… There was at least one person, who is my new friend,is you, tortoise. so happy…^^

P/s: Oh, what a coincidence! I mean, about the nickname “carrot” :slight_smile: your little niece (you mean, your niece. right?) also is called "carrot? I also like this nickame. ahha, thanks for your praise. hihi… How about your nickname-“tortoise”? I think, it is rather cute and… meaningful. I guess, it implies something special which related to you. right? :stuck_out_tongue: . oh, no…, maybe I went beyond things which should be mentioned. sorry. Forget it, plz.

Ah, you have many Acccouting and Economics books? Can you share some with me, please? hihi… It so, thank you so much… ! But how can I contact you? sending a private message to your message-box or…your email-address is better.

You you are mainly studying electrical and electronics engineering? It’s pity that I have no any reference material for these subjects. But I have many IELTS books (not all of IELTS materials but I have some), including e-books and audio . If you get interested in IELTS and want own some of them, I’m glad to share them with you… and all that you need do is letting me know :wink: You know, let’s share to be shared.

Bye bye for now. Nice day!