Hi everybody! I'm from Uzbekistan my name is Farruh...

Hello to everyone!

I’m from Uzbekistan my name is Farruh, i’m new member and i want to ask one question about M.A. in UK. please somebody can help me how to apply without any TOEFL or ILETS test’s cuz now i’m working from morning till evning and i have really problem with time and can’t prepare for these test’s but i really want to study one M.A. in UK. now i have enough mony for my education and all of expanscies if somebody know about this please help it’ll be realy great!

Thank you in advance! you all take care!

Best wishes to you
I hope if I could help you

Hi Farruh
It is awesome Idea that you have about extending your knowledge coz Via this you can earn more more restable life and I hope to achieve your aim . and i like your writting here coz it is really good ,and if you dont mind I am poor of enlish and i hope to learn this language and tryed many ways how learn?
but i think this is a good way to share some embation with friends if you have some time to chatt me it will be your big help with me ,if you have skype id please add me i really wana to cook my english trough this way …please dont mind it …

you friend Hakeem Hakeem



Hi you…My name is Rafael. I am intending to make friends to talk and improve my english. Would you be one of them?? Thanks in advance. This is my e-mail: rafaelsantanapg@hotmail.com

Bye, and please add me!!

Hi Farukh. How are U.