Hi everybody, I'm back

[color=blue]After a week or so I finally made it, I was away due to a concussion that took me out for two days but fortunately it was not serious, I’m currently resting for 30 days.

The incident had place when playing softball this past weekend, I collided with another player trying to reach for a pop up, well at least that’s what I’ve been told. Immediately was taken to a local clinic where a neurosurgeon checked on me. An MRI showed no internal damage but I had seven stitches anyhow. A mild headache is all I feel now.

Right now my head is pumping so I think a good bye is due now, see ya…

Oh, my…that`s terrible!!! I wish you a soon recovery!!! Take care next time!!!

But I wonder what a softball is…I’m not sure if I have a right image of this kind of sport…could you please explain it?

[color=blue]Hi Jay thanks let me tell you I’m on my way to it fast very fast. As for your question, softball is pretty much like baseball but with some nuances like for instance: it is played with a bigger ball, the pintcher hurls it underhanded, bases are closer than in baseball and so on.

I wish I were good at baseballthen so that to understand what softball is :lol: You know, it’s not that popular in Russia…Byt I’ll try to check it out so that to know what do people abroad like to play and try to play myself)) Thanks anyway!!! :wink:

I am sorry about your hurt. I wish you can recorver as soon as possible. Maybe the concussion is good for your furture life. I remember a Chinese saying says " if you can survive from a serious accident, you would get the subsequent good luck and better life".So it will take effect on you. By the way, what is the soft ball game? Is it same to soccer or football?

Im back too!!! I havent seen you guys for ages!!!

Pleased you`re back! Where have you been???

[color=blue]Hi kari, welcome back, hey chow, look at my last post where I clearly explained what softball is.

[size=200]See ya around [/size]

Oh…I was really , extremely busy…working and trying to get my private school bigger! :smiley:
Im really wasted but the school year is almost finished so Im extremely happy at the same time!!
Its nice of you that you havent forgotten about me!!Thank you!! a lot of kisses for both of you guys!!!