Hi everybody! I'm Aby from India...

hi all

i m aby from india…looking forward to learn few things


Hi, Aby!
Nice to meet you and to have you here!

Hi Aby,

Welcome aboard. Please tell us more about you?. Where do you live in India?.


hi ppl… this is adi from India…great to ba a part of this group… hope will have happy and an effective learning.!!

Hi Adithiya,
Happy belated new year 2009. You definitely have a great & effective progress in your English course. But you must be regular and must not be afraid to ask any kind of question. Thanks.


helllo alll,
This is sil here i am from india…I am new here …hope i can get best support of all of you …feeling geat to be a part of this group …will have a great learning experience…

Hi every body. I am Huong and I am a new member from Vietnam. I hope to learn English better from here.

Hi Huong,
Yep, you have landed in the world’s best Site. This forum is one in a billion. You will soon learn English (not that of the UK but the English from all over the world). I wish you all the best in your educational endeavor.

With warm regards
(NOW in Nepal)

Hi Noren
Thanks for your quick reply. I hope soon learn English as you said. Hope to get more from you.

Hi HuongMs,
You are welcome. Can you tell me your full name and from which city of Vietnam are you? What do you do? Can you go a little further by telling us something about yourself etc. Thanks once again for your response.

Noren Lee
(Now in NEPAL)

Hello…HuongMs, Aby…and every one who wants to get improvement in your English…

Keep posting your views and comments and try to construct more and more sentences using many of the ‘parts of speech’ in grammar. This will make you acquitted with much clear grammar usage as well as attract the attention of other members to correct/learn the language easily.

Hope to get more of your feedback soon.

Hi Noren
As you asked, I am pleased to introduce to you about myself. My full name is Do Lan Huong and I come from Hai Phong in Viet Nam, a famous beautiful beach. You can hear of it when you arrive Vietnam. I am a student at a national university. I am going to be a teacher of English after graduating the university so I want to prepare well before doing my job. That’s the reason why I come here to improve my English and learn from you. Will you help me?
Thank you very much.

Hi Sahid59
Thanks for your advice and I am trying to do so.
Hope to get more of your help.

Hi dear HuongMs…

If you keep practicing the language on a daily basis regardless of the method you use, you are sure to arrive your destination very soon with versatile knowledge. Try to read many news papers, good magazines and at the same time try to listen the TV or internet news services. This will give you an idea how to pronounce the words correctly with proper stress to the syllables. Also you can record your messages in this forum if your time permits and seed guidance from other members to show you the correct stly of speaking.

Best of luck with better efforts…