Hi everybody, I will have interaction with new friends.

I am new at this forum and hopefully I will enjoy it and have interaction with new friends.

Hello Hamidp,

How are you today? Your English is pretty good, congratulations! Please tell me something yourself – where are you from and what do you do? Let’s talk. Thanks. Torsten[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten
Nice to have your response.I am from Iran and actually study and teach English but I think that I still need to work on my English to make much more progress.I think that this forum would be so helpful for all of the ESL learners and we would be able to rely on it.

Salaam سلام; Hamidp, it’s great to hear you study and teach English in Iran! I’m so glad to have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with you. Please tell me more about your situation. Where do you study and how many hours do you teach? Who are your students and what materials do you use? I hope it’s OK if I ask you all these questions.

Many thanks,
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you are great in treating others.please feel free to ask any question which you may have about anything!even if it is related to my personal issues.I’d be glad to talk about everything you are intrested in.I dont know how much you know about Iran’s educational system.anyway we have different types of universities in Iran and I teach at Azad university,Shiraz branch actually I have M.A degree in teaching English and my B.S degree was in English translation.I teach “study skills”,“interchange 1,2,3”, reading comprehention(DRS&ERS), letter writing!,translation courses and sometimes morphology.I have to have preparation for all those books and it’s a difficult task.above all I have to prepare myself for PHD entrance exam.