Hi everybody! I am Sumit Dhiman from Palampur, India. I like to join people...

hello my friends i am Sumit Dhiman from Palampur, India .i like to join people like you who has passion for English language like me .

Hi, Greatsumit. I’m Nastya (not the easiest name to pronounce:):slight_smile: ) How long have you been learning english??))
P.S. I’m a female :smiley:

how are you ?.I am learning English from past three years.what is your experience of
English language ?

Hi Greatsumit,

Where and how did you learn the following sentence?
“I am learning English from past three years.”

Have you ever read or heard this sentence anywhere before?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: A wood shop[YSaerTTEW443543]

To Greatsumit: well, to tell the truth I’m a student. And my experience is rather poor. That’s why I’m here. Just to have some practice, while not having any other opportunity. But English has been in my life since I was 7)) now I’m 17.

Nastya : seems nice and diffecult name as you said but i like it because we both start our names with the same letter n i am nasser by the way from saudia arabia , where are you from ?

and nice to meet you here

Hello, everybody. I am a newcomer here. I would like to have some practise in English. :slight_smile:

To Nasser12sh12: Well, I’m from Ukraine. You must have never heard about this country, haven’t you??))
Pleased to meet you too)) then, how old are you?

to Victork0: HI)) so you hope to prove your language skills here? bless you))

Hallo Sumit
I’m Heba From Egypt, nice to know you. may we can support each us to improve our English language. :roll:
by the way it’s the first time for me to use Forum, so I can reply but I don’t know how to write or ask starting with myself ,can you help me?

to chit no i know it before all the saudi people remember ukraine because the win in the match between saudi and ukranie in the world cup 2006 , saudi ukraine tunisia and espain was all in when group and i know your country before that from shevechenco the best ukraine football player ever

to Nasser12sh12: you wrote facts, about which I’ve never heard :lol: it seams really useful to chat here :smiley: so you are a football fan, aren’t you?))
and I’ll repeat:
“then, how old are you?”))

is this sentence wrong ??

do you find this forum helpful?what are your problems in English language??