Hi everybody, I am Deepika (Deepi is my nick name), I am from India...

Myself Deepika and Deepi is my nick name :slight_smile:
Am from India.

Well am here because I love to speak impeccable English and after joining here I got to know about online voice recorder, Bonus!!
Am working for a private company under planning and purchase department.
So no need to say that it includes interacting with vendors. But my problem is my English is good (to some extent though) only when I write and am not at all confident enough to speak.

I think I have found the way to gain confidence, so the first step I will have to take is to get internet connection at home :wink:
I will talk to you friends as soon as I take my first step.

Welcome Deep, nice to see u here.
I like u ,I’m training to learn more of English skills ,so we can be friend if u like,
I’m from Yemen and now in Sudia Arabia .

Best wishes

Hi Messi,

Please remember to spell the word ‘you’ correctly. The word ‘u’ does not exist in English. ‘U’ is a letter, not a word.

Many thanks,

TOEIC listening, question-response: Shouldn’t we pay before we leave?[YSaerTTEW443543]

hi my teacher Torsten, many thanks to your attention and I will work by it in the future .
Yours Messi10

Thank you Messi10.
Of course we can be friends :slight_smile:
By the way where is Yemen?

where is Yemen???
Yemen is in the west south of Asia , in the north of if Sudia Arabia , in the east is Oman, in the west is Red sea and in the south is Aden Gulf or Indian ocean . ok now are you know it?

by the way where are you from India exactly from New delhi ,Haidr abad , Banglor, Qua , … sea I know a lot about your country .


nice to meet you here and I’ll be glad if we be friend .

Best wishes to you.
yours Messi.

Yes am from Bangalore…
How come you know a lot about India.
Have you ever come here?
Of course one thing I would definitely agree is that your Geography is good unlike mine :slight_smile: