Hi everybody, I am Andreas from Leipzig...

I am Andreas from Leipzig, hoping to increase my English by this forum and keep it flowing. Until today I had a lot of chances to talk, but only a few of them to write.
Although I am a writer…
I don’t know how often I find time to drop some lines here, but I’ll try my very best.

Let’s have a good time,

Hi, Andreas!

My name is Olga.
I am glad to see you amoungst users of this site.
I`ve joined this site as it offers a golden opportunity for learning and practising foreign languages.

Do you want to improve your writing skills in English? Then have a go!
We can write and discuss here different present-day topics and also grammar rules.

Best wishes,

Best wishes!

Hello, I am Millicent. I am from Ghana in the Western part of Africa. I am married with kids. My hubbies are reading and listening to gosple music.

I enjoy your lessons.

Hi Andrew. What type of writing do you do?

Hi Kitosdad,

to reply you before I stop posting for today: You can find all of my books in the internet, there are novels and tales. In German language, and it’s a pity not yet in English or any other language. I would not translate them myself, it is better if that would be done by a native speaker. You may google my whole author’s name “Andreas H. Buchwald”, and then you can find everything. You even can take a reading taste.

Wishing you fun with them,

hello,Andrew,good to know you here~ :slight_smile: it’s cool to know a writer here~ may i talk with you ? Thanks!

Have a nice time.


Well, Yoski,
why shouldn’t you talk to me, anyway? Maybe the only difficulties is how often you would meet me here. Sometimes there’s a lot of other things to do for me, sometimes not. You are from China, aren’t you? So where in China are you from exactly? I guess it is a difference between maybe Hongkong or Beijing or even some cities in the center…
Best regards,

Hi Andrew,

I searched your name in google, but I couldn`t find anything in English. I am very eager to read your writings. Pls send me some links if u can.


Well, thukh43,
it is the pity that there is nothing translated yet. My books are very good sellers in this my region, but not yet throughout the world. I am really looking for a better and bigger publishing house who would help me to get some of them translated. So please, excuse, that there’s none yet.
If you google “Andreas H. Buchwald” you can find all the books, but they are only German. Can’t help it. Yet.
Nevertheless, thank you for requesting,

hey,Andreas, How are you today ?

Yes, I am from China, the exact place is Fujian Province, and now I worked in Xiamen city, it’s near Taiwan, you can see my place from the map. :slight_smile: …also we’re near Hongkong…our place and Hongkong all belongs to South China, and Beijing is belong to North China…I think the difference is Location.Is it ? :slight_smile:

I saw lots of people was so curious about your books, me too… lol … what kind of style you write ? Do you need to find inspiration for your book ? mmm…be a writer, you must need to think more. :slight_smile:

Well, have a lovely time there and take care.

Kind regards,

Hi AndrewB,

Thanks for your quickly reply. May I wait for your writings translated into English in the future.


Hi Yoski,

Nice to meet you here. I am from Vietnam which country is very near yours. What do you do now? I hope to talk with u in English someday.

Best wishes


hi andrew and everybody. can i practise E with u. :D. u know, the best way to improve e is speaking a lots. so let 's speak with skype,it’s right.:stuck_out_tongue:
andrew, do u come from German. now i’m studying German.:D. so that’s so great if we learn E together
contact me
my skype : betron.chuoi3290
gmail. huyenchen3290@gmail.com

Hi Andrew,

I am such from India,even i want to improve my english.So i need a friend with whom i can converse english.If you can talk to me via head phone i would be very great full to you.



hi man

it’s seems you start to late as i did

by the way my plesur e if caould help you.