hi every one, please help me to correct this query.

Are these sentences right? Please help me to correct them wherever you see trouble. Many thanks.

  1. Before a test lesson, I ask my students to close their books and then put them on the head of each table. May I say “close your books and put them on the head of the table”.
  2. It is fifty to nine ( when I want to say nine fifty)
  3. These shirts are fifty thousands.
  4. Do you have any drinks?
  5. Find the mistakes in each sentence and then correct them. ( but in each sentence only have a mistake).

thanks Luschen very much.

Find the mistake in each sentence and then correct them or it.

“correct it” sounds better

Yes, Luschen. Please help me more.

Is this sentence righ?

She eats luch very little.

Do you mean “lunch”? If so, this could mean either “She eats very little for lunch.” or “She very seldom eats lunch.”

yes, Luschen, I mean “lunch”

so May I say “she have lunch very little” does this has the same meaning as the former?

No, your sentence is grammatically incorrect and doesn’t really have a clear meaning. Even if you correct the verb to “She has lunch very little.”, the meaning is still unclear.