hi every one, please help me to correct this query.

  1. Thanks my dear sister very much. As we know I am waiting a wonderful and nice thing
    but not for me, this is for other who I love and hope so much. However, at the moment I feel a bit of disappointed and disencouraged. Anyways, thanks again for your kind thought and hope you will success on the way you have choose. (you face all difficulties in your life and overcome them. Of course, you deserve to recieve the ripe fruit that you have grown and looked after for a long time.

  2. My dear friend, Thanks for your careness. But I am ok. The feeling lines you have read that just temporary motion so please enjoys your weekend with your beloved one and let me have time to think.

Hi Luschen, In this sentence may I change into : this is for another whom I love and pin my hopes too much. Many thanks.


or “and put my faith in too much”

yes, thanks Luschen very much.

Sorry, one more thing: I feel a bit of disappointed and [un]encouraged. or I feel a bit of disappointment and discouragement. I am a bit confused.

I feel a bit disappointed and discouraged. <–This is the more popular of the two options, I believe.
I feel a bit of disappointment and discouragement.

Personally I would replace ‘bit’ in 1 with ‘little’ and replace ‘a bit of’ in 2 with ‘some’.

Yes, I got it. Thanks Beeesneees and Luschen very much.

Best regards. :slight_smile: