Hi every body!

hi, every body, I’m from VietNam. My name is Thanh Van.
I’m new member. Thanks for support.
I want to improve my English but I’m lazy. When I receive mail from English- test’ s teachers , I’m so happy.
This time is the first time , I post message in forum. I want to say thank you so much to E- test’ teachers.
Any way, if my message has mistake, pls showing me. :smiley:
Thanh van.

Hello Thanh Vyan,

I have a feeling that you are not at all lazy and you seem to be working very hard to try to get your grammar and punctuation correct. Here are a few things which you can learn from your message above:

‘Everybody’ meaning ‘everyone’ is written as one word.
‘Anyway’ in this context is also one word.
When you type a comma, it should come immediately after the preceding word with no space between them, just as you do with a full-stop.