Hi everibody! I'm Claudia and I'm from Romania but living in Abu Dhabi.

:stuck_out_tongue: I’m Claudia and I’m from Romania but living in Abu Dhabi for the moment.Thank you Torsten for your lessons! I appreciate them and your effort on teaching English people like as and i really need your help in teaching me how to Write correctly English. I currently speak English but i need to learn correct from grammatical point of view I mean ,and of curse how to write without spellings mistakes. Thanking you and looking forward to hear news from you! Sincerely your student Claudia!

Hi Claudia,

Maybe you feel like taking our free email course. Have a look here.

Good luck!


Hi Claudia, :slight_smile:
I’m Souad from Algeria. How are you ? How is it going in Romania?

Hi Souad,I’m ok everything is ok in Romania!I’m in vacation rightnow and is greate.Nice meatting you.Bye