Hi all

Hi all,

My name is Michal and I come from Poland,Krakow, I just registered today, and I figure this is as good a place to make my first post as any.
I’m really looking forward to interacting with people on the forum. I would like to improve my english talking and writting with You.

Hello Michal,

Welcome to the English-test.net forum. My name is Megan. It’s nice to meet you! I think you will find this a friendly and useful place. Would you please tell us more about yourself?

Take care!

I am from Vietnam. Nice to meet you. I hope I will improve my TOEFL score. This website helps me very much. Thanks !

DEAR Xiaomuou
i am hitesh jogani,Nice to see your photograph. i am from india. i want to friendshipe with you. I think you will find this a friendly and useful place. Would you please tell us more about yourself?

Hello Hitesh Jogani,

Please call me Megan, that is my name. Xiaomuou is just a nickname I use on-line.

Well let me give you a sort of quick overview of myself. I’m an American but I live in the Netherlands now. I moved here to be with my husband who is Dutch. I’ve lived here for over 8 years now. I’m 34 years old. I have a dog whom I love dearly. I work from home very part-time at the moment doing some customer service via e-mail.

I have many interests such as reading, writing, animals, nature, camping, hiking, bicycling, swimming, horseback riding, going for walks, watching movies or TV, listening to music, singing, learning to play instruments, spending time with my friends, traveling, photography, genealogy, languages, history, cooking, baking, sewing, beading, weaving, crocheting, playing games, the computer, castles, doing practice for competition shooting and much more.

Would you please tell us more about yourself too?

Take care!

Dear Megan,
Well It’s nice to meet you! How are you?
Firstly i am very very sorry for call you another name. i have also observed one thing in your mail is you have lost of hobbies ,which is good things for you because hobbies are always give enjoy full life to person.
Well let me introduce more about myself
my name is hitesh. i am from Gujarat, india.I 'm working as a Mechanical Engineer with Aditya Birla Group Company .i am 28 years old. i am not tall and not short, my tall is 169 cm.
I am interested in speaking English, playing cricket ,learning new things ,new ideas, new technology, watching movies or TV, reading News papers, passing time with family, travelling, enjoying nature of god’s gift, animals, bicycling, going for walks, spending times with my friends, internet surfing, cooking, the computer and much more.
Megan, my small prob. is that i am not good in English speaking, writing and grammar. i love English so much.
I want to improve my English because it is useful for my job and for my better future. i think you are good English speaking women because you are from America. so ,please help me as a good friend, to improve my English and give me advice. you can also send me good things, good English grammar topic, interesting stories by E-mail.
My mail ID is hitesh.jogani@adityabirla.com. Can i know your Mail ID?
Megan, my another request is to you that please correct my English sentences of my mail, if you look grammatically incorrect or not in a good manner.
Megan, i think you are observing i have write lots of in my mail and i become more serious. So hear I am stopping my mail.
Megan, you can write me whatever you like because i am very open minded man. so please give feedback in above my E-mail ID. Also tell me more about yourself and provide your E-mail ID in next mail.
Take care!