Hi all, my name is Anthony

I’m an ESL student… for like 20 years already… time flies… though I’d like to flatter myself to be well enough to understand most of what is being said around me most of the time. I still have quite a lot of problem with speech. I’d always paint myself into a corner so to speak when I begin speaking. When words come out of my mouth, I found that they are always in disarray, mostly I think because I don’t really think in any real language but rather in some sort of a pidgin.

I am hoping I might get some motivation practicing here - and may be some corrections ,too, which in a face-to-face conversation is scarcely offered, I guess lest it should give offense.

Hi Anthony, I understand your feeling and I also have the same, I had worked in a call center where I spoke with thousands of Americans & others yet I am having lots of problem in english, the biggest problem I have with is vocabulary, I am sturgling to speak when it comes to a public speaking as I do not have words in my mind or rather not used in a situation, do you know how to imporve the vocabulary?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


hi Thameen
Your question is very interesting and is the central problem of all of us learners. What I can tell you is to leasten radio, tv. to read magazins and books. also try to practice what is given through this courses. there is a section of quiz, vocabulary and others. so once you have a new world, spend the whole day prononcing it. then you have to meet poeple to discuss with in english so that you prevent your self to lose what you have learnt

I’m Haniyeh.could you tell me about the usages of ‘if only’ in the sentence?I want an example